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Charleville is fortunate to have a beautiful town park which is used for sporting activities as well as by runners and walkers. There is a variety of beautiful mature trees in the park and a wildlife area where native trees have been planted.

Charlville Tidy Towns wanted to enhance the enjoyment of all who use the park by providing some information about the trees and birds which can be found here. We want to have young people engage with their environment and become involved in some of our projects.

Last year pupils from St Anne’s primary School brought in material for a bug hotel. They did some art work in the form of painting on blocks of wood inspired by their involvement in the bug hotel.

We invited pupils from St Mary’s Secondary School to paint the most commonly found birds in the area.  Their beautiful hand-painted birds are displayed on a notice board and we are delighted to be highlighting the work of these talented local artists.

We photographed many of the mature trees in the park. These photographs are displayed on the notice board accompanied by the names of the trees and pictures of their leaves, barks and fruit. This should be helpful in identifying the various trees to be seen on a walk around the park.

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