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Project 3B

Tree Conservation Area on Bakers Lane

Charleville Tidy Towns were pleased to assist CCC in November 2017 to preserve and transfer  a further 5 silver birch trees & 18 shrubs from roadside on Cork south to the triangular green space adjacent to Holy Cross Cemetery on Railway Road and 13 shrubs were added outside the NCT centre on Bakers Lane.

We now have an emerging new Wildlife Habitat of 36 trees and 24 shrubs, a total of 60 conserved from various locations including the Garden of Remembrance project. 

Native Irish Bluebells and Nepeta catmint have been added around the bases of seven trees inside the wall to reduce need for weed control spraying and to facilitate ease of grass cutting. A composting area has been developed in a discrete corner of the site.

Opposite this conservation area the Wildflower garden, outside O’Sheas Hardware store, which matured very well last year, has been sown again in early spring planting to give an extended seasonal floral display of native species in 2018.

Silver Birch Tree Conservation Corner

Transferred Shrubs outside NCT Centre

Town Central Car Park & Library Grounds

CTT have made detailed submissions to CCC requesting their consideration of the following proposals for

  1. future Landscaping of the Town Main car parking area, used by most shoppers from the regional community, with more decorative style tree planting of the end islands.
  2. Addition of a small number of trees to the back and sides of the Library grounds with street & wheelchair access walkway. This heritage site is also an excellent Wildlife Habitat & educational facility teaming with birdlife.
  3. CTT is also in consultation with Conservation & Heritage in CCC in relation to restoration of two structures on this very important Heritage site.

Car Park Landscaping required

Car Park Entrance

Library Grounds Heritage Site

Car Park at Library Grounds

Library Grounds Access Walkway


Town Park Future Development Proposals

After detailed consultation with community user groups, CTT have made initial 2018 submissions to CCC in relation to medium term planning of possible future upgrading plans for the main Community Town Park ;

  1. Planting of additional trees to replace recent storm damage losses
  2. Designated area for composting of leaves and grass cuttings for future CTT use ,
  3. N.B. Protective picket fence around children & toddlers play areas to prevent dog access and reduce potential health infection risks due to dog litter fouling.
  4.  Landscape planting of corner sites with large non invasive flowering shrubs that benefit Wildlife Habitats, such as fruit bearing berries for winter feeding of birds.
  5. Installation of additional lighting for safety around back of park walkway
  6. Addition of secure litter recycling bins plus dog litter bins at key locations
  7. Addition of rest seating at key locations for elderly walkers & readers
  8. More frequent grass cutting maintenance of all grass areas
  9. Development of the CTT NO DIG Demonstrator Educational sites
  10. Enhancement of CTT schools Educational Boards, for Wildlife & Bird Habitats.

Conservation Area

Full Circuit Lighting

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