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Charleville Tidy Towns Anti Litter Art Competition

THE ANTI LITTER POSTER COMPETITION which was kindly sponsored by Da Vinci Creative was a tremendous success with 400 entries submitted to Charleville Tidy Towns. Entries were received from Holy Family School, St Joseph’s Primary School, St Anne’s Primary School, CBS Primary School, St. Mary’s Secondary School and CBS Secondary School. The aim of the competition was to raise awareness in the community of the need to dispose properly of litter. The Anti-litter Challenge run by Cork County Council is underway at the moment and will continue till 20 June.The judges were very impressed by the creativity shown by all participants and found the task of selecting winners very difficult. All the posters are currently on display in the library and we would encourage everyone to visit and enjoy the work of our young students. We thank the staff of Charleville Library for facilitating the prizegiving and the exhibition of posters.Students, teachers and parents assembled in the library on Tuesday at 12 0’clock for the presentation of prizes. All were welcomed by CTT Chairman, Mr. John Mc Mahon who thanked them for their participation and thanked their teachers who supported the competition. He thanked Mr Adrian Wells of Da Vinci Creative for his very generous sponsorship. Cllr Ian Doyle added his thanks and invited Mr. Wells to present the prizes. Each winner was presented with a T-shirt and poster printed by Da Vinci Creative bearing the winner’s individual design. Da Vinci Creative kindly printed sets of posters of each design which will be displayed in many outlets in Charleville. CTT is very grateful to Adrian and Esie for their support and valued sponsorship.Please heed the message on these beautiful, colourful posters which you will see displayed in various outlets and help us to keep Charleville tidy.

Involvement of Local Schools

There is a huge amount of talent and goodwill in our young people and we do them a disservice if we do not ask them to use their talents for the good of their community. We are very fortunate that all the local schools we approached this year were so willing to help. Two primary and two secondary schools took part in the Anti-Litter Challenge and were of tremendous help to us. There is benefit also in raising awareness of the litter problem among young people.
The beautiful, eye-catching facade of the “rainbow house” on Smith’s Lane is a credit to the art teacher and students of St. Mary’s.
The hand-painted birds on the notice board in the park is the work of transition year students in St. Mary’s and the lovely paintings inspired by the bug hotel which they helped set up last year is the work of students of At. Annes.
The display of bluebells in May under the trees behind the graveyard was the work of students of CBS Primary School and their teachers. Wildflower seeds were harvested in Autumn and scattered in Spring at Canon Burke Place by pupils of St. Mary’s
We thank all school staff and pupils who helped us in any way

Clothing Recycling Drive

Rainbow Schools Art on Smith's Lane

Window on Rainbow House

Ground Level Window

Front Door

Tidy Towns Team


Charleville Tidy Towns believes that proactive involvement with schools and youth sporting groups will be foundational in tackling the litter problem in future. We continue to engage with schools on our Anti litter programme and have run an extensive ART competition to focus on this critical issue.
We have been overwhelmed at the creativity and innovative ideas presented and will feature these in coming weeks.
Charleville Tidy Towns acknowledges sponsorship from Da Vinci Creative for this very progressive competition.

CBS Secondary School Team

Plant Display Unit

Covered Display Unit

Special Needs Community

Charleville Tidy Towns acknowledges the tremendous work on integrated training conducted at St. Josephs Foundation campus for the regional special needs community.  Innovative new products and applications in the reuse of waste pallets have been created at the Glen River Garden centre which will be featured at their annual Spring Fair.

Training & CPD

Mannix College has now been amalgamated into the Cork Education Training Board [CETB] and CTT proposes to explore the future use of this facility to expand areas of training and skills enhancement in the community with particular focus on Energy efficiency, energy retrofit and home improvements. Charleville Tidy Towns currently participates in the excellent annual Horticultural training programme at Mannix College.

Mannix College Garden

CETB Mannix College

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