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New Charleville Tidy Towns Community Website

The new community web site was developed to communicate the scope of our new Plan of Actions with all sectors of the local community, to signpost the future initiatives planned for Charleville community over the next three years and to increase community involvements in support of ongoing actions and new projects. A brief summary profile of some projects is outlined under features on this Home page and CTT welcomes all feedback on the new site and your ongoing support for its projects. CTT acknowledges the contributions of DaVinci Creative, Charleville, on web design & development.

Litter Free Zone

Community Involvement & Planning

In October, 2017 Charleville Tidy Towns engaged an experienced project planning volunteer to join its committee to conduct a comprehensive 8 year retrospective review of Tidy Towns progress and the challenges ahead for a new three year Actions plan 2018 -2020.
During Q 4, 2017, over 60 prospective ongoing tasks, projects, proposals and recommendations were evaluated by the Charleville Tidy Towns committee and 24 projects were then shortlisted & selected by consensus voting for the next three years plan of actions, allocating at least one project across each of 8 Tidy Towns criteria each year, driven by a team lead in each case.
Charleville Tidy Towns has also introduced a more systematic planning approach to other longer term community integrated projects which will now be put forward for feasibility study or scoping to generate essential community involvement & active support in advance of activation and necessary underpinning budget funding.

Carpet Roses

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Plaza Landscaping

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Hybrid Lupins

A number of major community initiatives have been implemented for 2017/18;

1. Website

To facilitate roll out of its new medium term 3 year plan and to signpost the proposed direction of its longer term focus, CTT decided to invest in the creation of a new innovative Community WEB site to improve proactive community involvement in future planning & implementation.

2. Energy SEC

 To participate in a key national priority of Sustainable Energy Waste reduction CTT are exploring the feasibility of joining the Sustainable Energy Communities [SEC] Network of SEAI and has also commenced a detailed roll out of energy efficiency tips or recommendations as its first action priority to the community via the media, on its new web site and in direct community group briefings.

3. Walkways

To promote community well being and fitness for all ages, CTT have drawn up a new Walkways plan to be used with the revised CCC Heritage plan to welcome visiting tourists to this Historic Heritage town, founded  on May 29, 1661 by then President of Munster, to honour of  King Charles 11.

4. Town Park

To further improve its main green open space & natural amenity of the Town Park, CTT have made extensive proposals and recommendations to CCC, based on extensive Community feedback, on proposed improvements and enhancements of which we are pleased many were approved for funding by Council at end Q1,2018.

5. Landscaping

To improve the first impressions on 14,000 passing visitors and business customers visiting Charleville each day CTT has completed very significant Landscaping improvements on its main street and four of its five approach roads, with planting of all flowering perennials loved by pollinators, working again in close collaboration with CCC.

6. Anti-litter

To recognize its proactive Anti Litter programme, CTT was awarded a significant award in September 2017 by CCC for its very strong improvement in a Cork county wide competition. CTT is also extending its T&LC action across many more communities and acknowledges increasing support.

7. Education

To increase community involvement among the youth and their parents CTT continues to involve all schools in various projects from antilitter actions to wildlife habitats and acknowledge their valued contribution. A new Anti Litter poster Art competition, sponsored by DaVinci Creative, was initiated in 2018 has generated a huge response with many innovative posters and concepts to be used in anti litter actions.

8. Streetscape Renewal

To continue to enhance our business environment CTT will promote very heavily the renewed painting programme with funding from CCC for 2018 . This is an excellent example of urban renewal in action by all businesses as reflected in the many examples showcased on our new website.

Sustainable Energy Community (SEC)

North Cork AC

Fitness Facilities Town Park

Wildlife in the Park

G.A.A. Complex

The Best Experience Ever

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