Charleville Tidy Towns

New Charleville Tidy Towns Community Website

The new community web site was developed to communicate the scope of the new Plan of Actions with all sectors of the local community, to signpost the future initiatives planned for Charleville community over the next three years and to increase community involvements in support of ongoing actions and new projects. A brief summary profile of some projects is outlined under community and Charleville Tidy Towns welcomes all feedback on the new site and your ongoing support for its projects.
Charleville Tidy Towns acknowledges the contributions of Da Vinci Creative, Charleville, on design & development of this new web site.

New Action Plans to 2020

Charleville Tidy Towns  presented its new 3 year plan of actions for 2018 to 2020 at a recent public meeting in Charleville, where plans to establish a new Community web site and a Sustainable Energy Community [SEC] were both announced.

New Walkways Map

Charleville Tidy Towns has completed a new  Walkways Map to feature safe walking & well being for all ages in the community and for visitors to appreciate the extensive new floral landscaping completed in recent months of 2017-2018. This new map and the excellent Cork County Council Heritage map of the Historic Town of Charleville, established in 1661, can be downloaded from links below on this site, which also includes brief profiles of eight of these Heritage features.

Council Approves Funding for Town Park

Charleville Tidy Towns acknowledges the ongoing support by Cork County Council with recent awards of Special grants under the Towns Development Fund being allocated for improvements to the Town Park including a pedestrian link between this major amenity and the main street. Funding will also be set aside for promotional signs and new floral displays on approach roads.

New Action Plans to 2020

John Mc Mahon, Chairperson of Charleville Tidy Towns [CTT] presented its new 3 year plan of actions for 2018 to 2020 at a recent public meeting in Charleville, where plans to establish a new Community web site and a Sustainable Energy Community [SEC] were both announced.

April Schedule on Home & Tidiness & Litter Control

CTT needs urgent proactive community involvement on Anti Litter Drive. Tidiness & Litter Control is still THE major challenge in many areas of the town streets, residential areas and approach roads where Litter is judged.
In 2017 Charleville scored a very low 50 marks[ 56%] and lost out on -40 marks [-44%] of the total 90 marks available in this vital core category.
N.B. This represents an increase of just 2 marks or 2.5% increase over the past 4 years, a less than impressive improvement performance trend, despite the regular clean up actions by dedicated staff from Cork County Council and very active support of our CTT team.
All Residential area associations across the Community are now strongly encouraged to help tackle the causes of this Litter problem by involvement and participation in the annual Spring Clean Anti Litter campaign over 4 weeks in April. CTT will provide support and assistance to teams in each area, provide refuse recycling bags and organize with CCC for collection & counting.

If your residential area team wishes to participate in this clean up of your area and be allocated a slot in our clean up schedule please contact us by email asap on , with suggested clean up date preference.

To monitor each Spring clean up CTT must advise & demonstrate to the Tidy Towns judges the scale of clean up in all areas. This year we will maintain a ‘League Table’ of Bags of litter counted & photographed on collection in what we hope will be many emerging Litter Free Zones. League table results will be reported back to each residential area representative, into the TT submission for May, 2018 and on our new CTT web site.

CTT Recognition Awards will be presented, after the annual TT national awards in September, for the best area team efforts, best involvement of youth, best web site feedback provided on the source causes of litter in your area and your best recommendations or suggestions for future Litter prevention.
All Community anti litter prevention recommendations will be evaluated in confidence and published on new web site for inclusion in future action planning within the community, with youth education, with CCC and CTT.

Please get your residential area involved in our Anti LITTER Clean up.
Please contact; stating your area, street, estate, association, location. Look forward to your Active participation.

Renewal of Painting Scheme for Streetscape 2018​

Cork County Council [CCC] recently announced renewal of the town painting scheme for 2018 in what will probably be its final budget allocation. This initiative is outlined under Business on the Community menu of this web site. Charleville Tidy Towns encourages all businesses to avail of this final opportunity to enhance the streetscape.

CCC Anti Litter Award 2018

How we achieved this win and more information

There is a huge amount of talent and goodwill in our young people and we do them a disservice if we don’t ask them to use their talents for the good of their community. We are very fortunate that all the local schools we approached this year were so willing to help.